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Shed Weight and Increase Antioxidant Protection with Grape Seed Extract

Well leave it to the hamsters to show us how to save us from becoming fatter. A study from the University of Montpellier tried to fatten up their little furry friends, and at the same time they also gave one test group the powerful antioxidant grape seed extract, to see what would happen.

They naturally expected that from feeding the little hamsters, a high fat diet, they would produce fatter hamsters.

What they discovered, is that the grape seed extract actually increased by an astounding 61% something called ‘adiponectin’. This is a “dynamo protein” that has the peculiar effect of when it increases… body fat levels drop. So, in this case, more is definitely better. The researchers were amazed, and as you can see from their remarkable quote, history has been made and it confirms what I have seen for years in my clinical practice, that grape seed extract is not only an amazing and very powerful anti-oxidant, it can help us stay thinner as well.

“This is the first time that chronic consumption of grape phenolics is shown to reduce obesity development and related metabolic pathways including adipokine secretion and oxidative stress.”

Let me share a little bit more about the method and findings of the study… So the hamsters were put into one of 3 groups. Group 1, ate a normal diet. Group 2 were given a high fat diet alone, and they gained abdominal fat, what we humans called “love handles” and “beer bellies.” Group 3 chowed down on the same high fat diet as group 2, yet they also ate grape seed extract. Unlike Group 2, the Group 3 did not gain weight…even though they had exactly the same unhealthy diet.

Even more amazing, the Group 3 (the Grape seed extract group), did not experience the same increases in blood sugar, triglycerides, insulin and insulin resistance were observed in the high-fat diet only group.

Bottomline, this breaking news just published in a prestigious medical journal confirms what I have found to be very true in my family practice: Use of a high quality Grape Seed Extract (as found in the Vital Chi Anti-aging Formula) is a must for anyone serious about protecting their body from the ravages of free radical damage while also seeking to maintain a thinner, healthier body.


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  • 3.If your job requires you to sit for long periods, take frequent breaks to stand, stretch and shake it out.

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