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Enhanced DNA Integrity and Longevity

We have all heard that an apple a day may help keep the doctor away…

Well the latest research reports that a multivitamin may be an even better investment for those serious about improving their health and wellness as they pursue greater longevity.

A recent study showed that multivitamins may help you live longer by preventing parts of the DNA from shortening. In short, short DNA is not a good thing. Or put another way, longer DNA all things being equal can help a person have a longer life.

It is not just length that counts, it is the quality and placement of the length. Specifically telomeres, or the end portion of chromosomes, protect chromosomes from damage. Because telomeres shorten slightly when cells divide, researchers have long proposed that preventing this shortening could protect new cells and thus reduce the effects of aging.

So, the answer is simple.

Keep eating your organic, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, get plenty of rest and lower your stress…

And add a high quality multivitamin daily, to help maintain your DNA’s integrity and it will also help make up for some of the nutritional deficits that occur in most of our diets.

Be well and live life proactively, it certainly beats the other option.


Health Tips On the Go!

Improve Posture

  • 1.Avoid slouching. Be aware of your posture as you walk, sit, and drive, keep shoulders squared and head pulled back and up.

  • 2.Imagine a thread pulling the top of your head toward the ceiling. Visualization can help improve your sense of position.

  • 3.If your job requires you to sit for long periods, take frequent breaks to stand, stretch and shake it out.

  • 4.Maintain a strong core to help support proper posture. Add core-training exercises to your daily routine.

  • 5.A firm mattress and ergonomic pillow help achieve proper back support while you sleep, so you'll stand straighter in the a.m.

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