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Health Tips
On the Go!

Start your morning on the right track

  • 1.Wake up gradually and stretch your muscles slowly. Spending a few minutes in silence and taking deep breaths helps you ease into your activities for the day.

  • 2.Start your day with lime water, a simple concoction that has many benefits. Lime water purifies the liver, aids digestion and promotes heart health.

  • 3.Avoid drinking coffee first thing in the morning. It is better to wait until 9:30am-11:30am to allow the caffeine to be more effective, because our body is already producing the hormone cortisol early in the morning, which makes us feel more alert.

  • 4.Be sure to have breakfast. Recent studies show that skipping breakfast can lead to obesity and weaken immunity.

  • 5.Plan the day ahead. Preparing your meals and setting aside your outfit the night before can help you have a smooth, worry-free morning.

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