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Watch-out for Bromine in Many Popular, so-called Healthy Drinks

This is the last installment on my topic of fluoride, bromide and iodine. My message here is simple, find a way to support your iodine intake and minimize exposure to excess fluoride and bromide. Other than bread, that often has a bromide containing dough softener, there are other bromide toxic sources lurking in the nearby grocery store or vending machine. These beverages include Mt. Dew, Orange Gatorade and Sun Drop to name three leading offenders. You will note on the side of each of these bottles the ingredient “brominated vegetable oil”. Yes, you guessed it, not a good thing! Bromide, just like fluoride, competes in the body against iodine. Remember iodine is needed to make thyroid hormone, that determines how quickly you think, happiness, energy, focus and the rate in which you burn calories. The quicker you burn calories, the thinner a person is, all things being equal.

Avoiding brominated beverages is a must, they aren’t good for you anyway, and since they contain bromide, they should definitely not be on your health and wellness list of consumables. As an extra bonus, for you to think about, low iodine levels have been associated with lower IQ and increased risk of ADHD according to a couple of studies.

Should You Call Poison Control after Brushing your Teeth ?

I hope you have read my other recent blogs on fluoride in tap water, and how iodine was removed from the US bread supply in the 1970’s, you may see a little bit of a trend developing. The question that must be asked is, if modern bread and water cannot optimally sustain us, what can? Well at least we can rest assured that if we brush our teeth that we are doing an absolutely 100% superbly good thing for our bodies. Right? No!

Next time you brush your teeth with a common commercially available toothpaste, read the fine print on the back of the container. You will see plain as day, that if you swallow a “pea sized” amount of toothpaste that you should immediately do the following… “call poison control”. Why would it say that? Well the answer is simple, fluoride is considered a poison.

So, lets do a recap of the other blogs thus far, adding to the fluoride burden in your toothpaste, many municipal water supplies contain fluoride. Some evidence even shows that beyond competing for iodine critical for thyroid function, it may even cause some cancers even in children according to some experts. Yet to further compound the issue, iodine levels in the US have dropped by 50% from the 1970’s to this very moment, since we were told not to salt our food too much and when iodine was removed from the US bread supply.

Bottomline: Try to find a balance, try to focus on iodine rich foods like seaweed, try to avoid eating breads that contain bromide that join the battle along with fluoride, against the little bit of iodine you may be consuming. Food and water is either our best friend or worst enemy. Being informed can set us free to enjoy healthier weights, less risk of diabetes and thus longer lives, all things being equal. Please note the “pea sized” amount of toothpaste and the warning. Brush well, brush often and find your own personal balance of healthy teeth and the wellness of the rest of your body.

Can the Water you Drink Make you Fat?

How can water make you fat ? The sad fact is that indeed a certain kind of water can increase your risk of obesity and diabetes. No it is not a sugary vitamin water. It is normal tap water that has been fluoridated.

Yes, I know your dentist has told you that fluoride is good for you. But have they also told you that even very small doses of fluoride were used in Europe until the 1970’s to help slow down the thyroids of patients with overactive thyroids. Lets take a moment and appreciate this last sentence. People with “hyper” “overactive” thyroids were given fluoride to slow their thyroids down. Your hyroid is what controls your rate of metabolism, or how quickly you burn calories. So, the question that must be asked, what happens to people with normal thyroid function that take fluoride? Well, look around, the experiment is going on this very moment all around you. Are people gaining weight? Are people getting more diabetes and heart disease? The answer is yes!

So, what is a person to do? Well, many people are moving towards drinking “spring water” or using reverse osmosis water to help minimize their fluoride burden. But isn’t fluoride just a normal standard for the civilized world. The answer is a resounding no ! Canadians have voted against adding this toxic substance into their water supply.

Summary: Don’t drink anything other than pure water and whenever possible try to avoid fluoride in your water. Many municipal water supplies provide enough fluoride per tall glass of water to warrant calling poison control. Check out my blog on toothpaste to hear more. The skinny on fluoride is that it can help make you fat and more prone to diabetes according to some experts.

Something Vital is Missing from Your Bread…

The westernized world is experiencing an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Both of which accelerates the risk of cancer, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease. It is interesting to note that until the 1970’s in the United States, each slice of bread in the US contained iodine. With the advent of the 1970’s the iodine content of bread ceased and a toxic competitive substance, called bromide was added. One might ask, what is the big deal? Well, there is a direct link between low iodine and excess weight gain. The reason is that your thyroid gland has to have sufficient iodine to make thyroid hormone. It is thyroid hormone that determines how fast your metabolism runs. All things being equal, a higher thyroid hormone level, the easier it is to stay lean, control cholesterol and metabolize toxins.

So, when the addition of iodine was stopped in the US, and at the same time citizens were educated not to salt their food as much, iodine levels even further dropped. Iodized salt was the other major way most people got iodine in their diet.

So the question must be raised… if iodine is essential for metabolism and burning calories, then why have we not been given another source, when iodinated bread and salt have been removed from our diets? The cultures that have best survived this iodine deficient diet are those that adhere to a diet the incorporates seaweed which is naturally very high in iodine.

Conclusion: When something is taken away from the diet, a replacement for essential nutrients must be immediately sought and actively consumed. The big question, would we all enjoy a smaller waistline if we had not been given a diet and health recommendations that lowered our iodine intake? Would diabetes and obesity be a mere whisper in the health of the modern world with an iodine rich diet? Well increasing iodine intake may help you answer that question for yourself. Check with your doctor and see what they have to say.


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