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Fertility treatment ‘works for most’

BBC News – James Gallagher Nearly three out of four couples that begin fertility treatment will eventually become parents, long-term studies suggest.

Doctors Get Creative To Soothe Tech-Savvy Kids Before Surgery

npr.org – Surgery can make anyone anxious, but it is especially hard for young children.

Pediatrics / Children’s Health Anxiety / Stress Health, well-being no different for children raised in same-sex parent families

Medical News Today – Honor Whiteman

Among stable families, the health and well-being of children raised by parents of the same sex are no different to that of children raised by parents of different sexes. This is the conclusion of a new study published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.

Childhood poverty linked to brain changes related to depression

Medical News Today – Honor Whiteman January 19, 2016

Children from poorer families are more likely to experience changes in brain connectivity that put them at higher risk of depression, compared with children from more affluent families.

School Lunches Are Getting Healthier

NY Daily News Meredith Engel August 28, 2015 

Public school kids are getting healthier lunches.

Another Approach to Raising Healthy Eaters

The New York Times Jane E. Brody August 18, 2015

Even the best of parental intentions too often program children’s taste buds at an early age to like foods that are not especially good for them.

Neglecting Teen Health may Lead to Bigger Problems as Adults

9&10 News Tara Haelle August 17, 2015

Nearly one in five teens has specific health care needs that are not receiving attention, and this may set them up for poorer physical and mental health in adulthood, a new study contends.

How to Treat Sunburn This Summer

Medical News Today James McIntosh July 20, 2015

When the skin is exposed to too much ultraviolet (UV) light, be it from the sun or artificial sources such as sunlamps, sunburn can occur.

Picky Eating Is Usually Harmless But Can Signal Young Children’s Emotional Woes, Study Says

Montreal Gazette Lindsey Tanner August 2, 2015

Parents of picky eaters take heart: New research suggests the problem is rarely worth fretting over, although in a small portion of kids it may signal emotional troubles that should be checked out.

Maybe We Were Wrong About The Link Between Birth Order and Personality

Huffpost Science Carolyn Gregoire July 21, 2015

Does being an oldest, middle or youngest child shape the person you become?


Health Tips On the Go!

Improve Posture

  • 1.Avoid slouching. Be aware of your posture as you walk, sit, and drive, keep shoulders squared and head pulled back and up.

  • 2.Imagine a thread pulling the top of your head toward the ceiling. Visualization can help improve your sense of position.

  • 3.If your job requires you to sit for long periods, take frequent breaks to stand, stretch and shake it out.

  • 4.Maintain a strong core to help support proper posture. Add core-training exercises to your daily routine.

  • 5.A firm mattress and ergonomic pillow help achieve proper back support while you sleep, so you'll stand straighter in the a.m.

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