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Ban honey? Review says fructose is bad for health

Science Codex September 29, 2015

A new review claims that drinking too many sugar-sweetened beverages, which contain added sugars in the form of high fructose corn syrup or table sugar (sucrose), can lead to excess weight gain and a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Health Buzz: Dried Plums May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

US News Health Samantha Costa September 29, 2015

Here’s another reason to snack on dried fruit. Researchers have announced that people who eat dried plums as part of a regular diet can reduce their risk for developing colon cancer.


Scientists discover cause of and potential treatment for muscle weakness and loss due to aging

Medical Xpress Jennifer Brown September 8, 2015

As we grow older, we lose strength and muscle mass. However, the cause of age-related muscle weakness and atrophy has remained a mystery.


Good News: Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Can Help You Prevent Alzheimer’s

The Market Business Robert Nichols September 12, 2015

A small study has found that resveratrol, a compound found in red grapes, red wine and dark chocolate, may help treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Spicy Foods Linked To Longer Life, Study Finds

Forbes Alice G. Walton August 5, 2015

New research out in the The BMJ yesterday suggests that the spice of life may be – well, spice. At least when it comes to longevity.

A Better Treatment For Alzheimer’s: Exercise

NBC News Maggie Fox July 23, 2015

Exercise can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and now research shows it works as a great therapy, as well.


Study: Women With Mild Memory Problems Worsen Faster Than Men

ABC News Lauren Neergaard July 21, 2015

Older women with mild memory impairment worsened about twice as fast as men, researchers reported Tuesday, part of an effort to unravel why women are especially hard-hit by Alzheimer’s.

The websites that offer support to cancer sufferers

The Telegraph Judith Potts July 20, 2015

Whilst there is a good deal of information about cancer – and its myriad of issues – on the internet, two ladies have founded websites which fill two different gaps in the vital help and support needed by cancer sufferers.

Researchers: Saliva test may reveal Alzheimer’s

UPI Stephen Feller July 20, 2015

Levels of metabolites in saliva may help doctors diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, based on a small study presented Sunday at a conference.

10 foods that make you look younger

FOX News Barbara Stepko July 11, 2015

You can head off a lot of your most common beauty concerns simply by downing the right foods.



Health Tips On the Go!

Improve Posture

  • 1.Avoid slouching. Be aware of your posture as you walk, sit, and drive, keep shoulders squared and head pulled back and up.

  • 2.Imagine a thread pulling the top of your head toward the ceiling. Visualization can help improve your sense of position.

  • 3.If your job requires you to sit for long periods, take frequent breaks to stand, stretch and shake it out.

  • 4.Maintain a strong core to help support proper posture. Add core-training exercises to your daily routine.

  • 5.A firm mattress and ergonomic pillow help achieve proper back support while you sleep, so you'll stand straighter in the a.m.

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